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Agreements and Prepaid Medicine

To request a medical appointment, you must take into account whether the user is affiliated with an insurance entity in Prepaid Medicine, Ecopetrol or another agreement and if you want the costs of the consultation, orders and medications to be covered by said insurer.

Private appointments with a specialist have a value of $300,000 Colombian pesos.

This service is provided through the special services area, who will carry out the appointment assignment process and will contact you to provide information on the amount to be canceled and facilitate the care process with the specialists linked to the institution.

PBX: (607) 6392929 or Mobile or Whatsapp 300 840 9433

For web appointments, enter the online chat dating portal located on our website.

The SALUD SIGLO 21 FOUNDATION is an important social work that provides Colombians with access to specialized medical services so that you and your family can live better.

This service is for low-income people and to belong you must meet a series of requirements that can be found on their website:


If you are already part of the affiliates to request the service, show up 30 minutes before your appointment at Authorizations (Tower A, 1st floor, Carlos Ardila Lülle Medical Center) and claim your respective Authorization.

Then go to the office and pay the value of the service: category 1, 2 and 3 $110,000 pesos, category 4 $160,000 pesos, verify the category of your affiliation.

Appointments for users Ecopetrol has a medical directory for its members who can be contacted to obtain medical appointments, including specialties.

Consult Ecopetrol directly and find out the procedure to follow and the assigned doctors or through our hotlines.

PBX: (607) 6392929 Mobile or Whatsapp 300 840 9433

To send the service authorization it is necessary for your MEGA to send it via email medicos.ecopetrol@virgiliogalvis.com

Users affiliated with prepaid medicine will be able to consult their benefits directly with their prepaid medicine. For more information, click on the logo of your affiliated plan.

If you have any questions, you can call the landline (607) 6392929 Call Center or WhatsApp 3008409433 for more information.

Users affiliated with special agreements will be able to consult their benefits directly with their company and may request appointments by telephone as follows:

Whatsapp 301 6814493 or email conventions@virgiliogalvis.com

For web appointments, enter the online chat appointment portal located on our website – Select agreements.