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Online payments

Despacho COVGR

Through this link you can make payments by credit card or PSE for the services provided by the Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmological Center (VGR SAS Ophthalmological Center), filling out the information requested in the form that appears after clicking on the “Payments” icon. online".

In some cases the billing process must be completed on the day of your appointment at the institution's cash desks.

Please remember that this process does not include co-payments and moderator fees, which must be paid in person at the headquarters at the time of admission.



Once you enter our payment gateway, the process is:

  1. Fill out the type of patient document: CC (cedula) NIT, CE, TI.
  2. Enter the patient's document number.
  3. Place the concept Example “Payment for Private Consultation”
  4. Enter the patient's full name and surname.
  5. Place a mobile and landline contact phone
  6. Enter the assigned value without periods or commas.
  7.  Click on the option PAY.
  8. You can pay with a credit card or PSE, select the option you want to use and click on “Click to continue with payment
  9. Fill out your card or PSE details and click on “CONTINUE” to confirm your payment

NOTE: Check very carefully when entering the correct value of your payment.

Please if you have any problems write to us by email covgr.contabilidad@gmail.com or whatsapp 300 840 9433

Please send us your comments related to this process at covgr.contabilidad@gmail.com