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Mission and vision


The Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmological Center is an institution specialized in comprehensive visual health care, located in Floridablanca, Colombia, led by Doctor Virgilio Galvis. We are dedicated to the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases and vision disorders. We have the best technology in visual health in Eastern Colombia. In our ophthalmology procedures we use the most advanced technological resources available and we have a team of expert specialists with super-specializations in the different areas of ophthalmology. Furthermore, we constantly strive to provide a service of excellent scientific quality with a lot of human warmth. We are on the path of searching for excellence in the provision of services at a regional and international level. Additionally, we have a group of professionals dedicated to research in visual sciences, in order to make scientific contributions in this area of medicine.


The Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmological Center is a private IPS Service Provider Institution that offers comprehensive care in optometry and ophthalmology, diagnostic and therapeutic technology to patients of all strata with professionals, highly specialized in the different knowledge of visual health.


By 2030, continue to be the leading institution in the region covering all areas of ophthalmological knowledge with updated technology and professionals in the state of the scientific art.

Virgilio Galvis - Cirugia Catarata


The Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmology Center is characterized by the following institutional values:

  • Sense of belonging
  • I respect
  • Ethics and transparent treatment
  • Social responsability
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Development and innovation
  • Leadership
  • Quality, warmth and excellence in service provision


The Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmological Center has remained for more than 30 years as a leading institution in ophthalmology, with high standards of care with quality and warmth, being a pioneer in Refractive Surgery, with a highly qualified human resource and the latest technology at the service of his vision.

It also has a firm participation in academia and scientific research, developing multiple studies and scientific publications, thus becoming the consolidation of the professional dream of a leader and pioneer of modern ophthalmology in Colombia, Dr. Virgilio Galvis Ramirez.

– Identify, acquire and efficiently manage the resources necessary to support the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the organization's quality system in order to increase customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and the interests of the organization itself.

– Continuously improve the effectiveness of the organization's quality system through the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, in order to increase the satisfaction of customers and other interest groups in the service (organization staff, suppliers , community, etc).