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Optometry Consultation

The optometry consultation is responsible for the design, calculation, adaptation and control of conventional or special contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses and optical devices, filters, prisms, as well as visual therapy that improve the visual efficiency and visual health of patients. .

The consultation serves to carry out the detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease in the eye and the rehabilitation of the conditions of the visual system.

1. Anamnesis
2. Visual acuity measurement
3. Lensometry
4. Keratometry
5. Autorefractometer
6. Retinoscopy
7. Pneumatic Tonometer
8. Contact Lenses and Glasses

Contact lenses

The adaptation of contact lenses is part of the service that every visual health professional must provide to their patients and at the Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmology Center we have experts to advise and adapt the contact lens indicated for each patient. The success of adaptation lies in personalizing the process. Each eye and each case is different, for this reason there is a variety of Contact Lenses on the market.