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FOSCAL International Ophthalmology Course


Open Registration - XVII FOSCAL International Ophthalmology Course 2024

From February 19 to March 1, 2024, the XVII FOSCAL International Ophthalmology Course begins, 2024 edition

The International Ophthalmology Course program is structured to take place over two weeks, where a group of national and international speakers and FOSCAL professors give talks on all ophthalmological specialties, and there are also practical workshops with the best technology, which makes us in one of the most complete courses in Latin America.

The Virgilio Galvis Ophthalmological Center and the Santander Ophthalmological Foundation – Carlos Ardila Lülle Clinic of Bucaramanga (Colombia) are two institutions that for more than 25 years have been leaders in ophthalmology in Eastern Colombia.

The Course program is structured both in academic presentations by experts and in practical workshops.

There will be the participation of national and international guest speakers and FOSCAL professors, recognized experts in the different supraspecialties of ophthalmology.

Academic reviews are carried out in the Imperial Auditorium, at the CAL Medical Center, within the main headquarters of the FOSCAL medical complex. The workshops are held both at this headquarters and at the FOSCAL INTERNACIONAL facilities. Both are located in Floridablanca (Colombia).

FOSCAL is the practice setting for two residency programs in ophthalmology, and for advanced training courses (Fellowship) in Refractive Surgery and Anterior Segment; Retina and Vitreous; Glaucoma; Ophthalmopediatrics; Oculoplastics and Neuro-ophthalmology.

Testimonials - FOSCAL International Ophthalmology Course

They have ophthalmologists in all subspecialties and the most complete and outstanding Residency Program and Fellowship (Subspecialty) in cornea, refractive surgery, glaucoma, Oculoplasty and pediatric ophthalmology.

Among the academic activities carried out, the International Ophthalmology Course consists of 60 theoretical hours and 11 hours of practical workshops.

Each participant will be given multimedia material with the texts of the conferences (FOSCAL Ophthalmology Guides) and surgical videos.

Aimed at residents and general practitioners who aspire to enter the specialization, but it has also been welcomed by ophthalmologists who wish to update their knowledge. Participation in the course and the result in the final exam serve to select the applicants for the residence spaces for foreigners offered by the institution.

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