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Strabismus in Adults and Children


At the Virgilio Galvis ophthalmological center we deal with the treatment of strabismus for adults and children. Strabismus is a deviation of the visual line of one of the two eyes, which means that they are not located in the same direction with respect to the visual axis nor are they parallel. In this way, while one eye directs its gaze towards a certain object, the other looks in another direction. This is both a visual and aesthetic problem.

If we take as a reference the classification of strabismus based on the direction in which the deviated eye moves, we can differentiate these types of strabismus:

{Estrabismo convergente}

Convergent strabismus

It occurs when the eye turns inward.

{Estrabismo divergente}

Divergent strabismus

It occurs when the eye deviates outwards.

In children, treatment is done with optical correction either with glasses or contact lenses or even surgery. The choice of one or another method will depend on the defect, the difference in each eye, the patient's age and the patient's needs.

In adults, surgery must be performed; All cases of strabismus can be operable and in those in which the pathology has appeared during childhood, surgical intervention can be performed at any age.

This is considered a reconstructive surgery that allows patients to feel very satisfied with the result and experience obvious improvement on a social level.