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Clinical History Request

The medical history is a private, mandatory and confidential document in which health conditions, medical acts and other procedures carried out by the health team are recorded. This document can only be known by third parties with prior authorization from the patient or in the cases provided for by Law 23 of 1981.

The copy of the medical history can be requested by the patient himself; by a legal representative if this is a minor; by a person authorized directly by the patient; and in the event that the patient is disabled or deceased, with a document that certifies said condition.

Adjunto al formato diligenciado debe adjuntar documento del paciente y/o documentos del familiar o tercero que está realizando la solicitud.

If any of these cases are found, you must follow these instructions, download the brochure to know the conditions and documents requested

This procedure can be carried out in the same way, sending all the requested documents scanned to the email servicioalcliente@virgiliogalvis.com.co and a response will be given within 48 hours to your request.


In the subject, enter the patient's full name with the identification number and attach all the requested documents to the email, digitally.