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Orthoptics and Low Vision


Orthoptics is responsible for the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and treatment of these visual conditions. These alterations can be caused by the patient's habits or defects in the eye muscles.

Orthoptic therapies work as visual training to improve these conditions. The treatments consist of exercises performed in the office and put into practice from home.

Orthoptic therapy seeks to ensure that both eyes work in a coordinated manner. Consistency in treatment is key to significantly improving the patient's conditions.


Low vision refers to a loss of vision that cannot be corrected with medical or surgical treatments or with conventional glasses. A person with low vision has to learn to adapt to their low vision.

There are many ways to help those with low vision continue to do what is important to them. Losing vision does not mean giving up activities but it can mean learning to do them differently.

Vision rehabilitation helps patients learn new strategies and find new devices that can help them.