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Dry Eye Spa

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease that is generally not curable, but it is treatable. The aim is to control the symptoms and prevent the damage that the disease generates on the ocular surface.

This disease particularly deteriorates the quality of life that patients lead due to its severity and, if not taken care of, it can be disabling.

Risk factor's

Air conditioning and wind sources such as fans, open car windows, hair dryers, and the internal environment of airplanes predispose the ocular surface to dryness due to greater tear evaporation.

Likewise, reading and using a computer decrease the blinking frequency up to 40%, which increases tear evaporation and aggravates dry eye symptoms.

Avoid as much as possible environments with a lot of pollution and environmental contamination. If it is not possible to avoid these mentioned factors, we recommend using closed glasses or lubricating your eyes.

Avoid places with very dry environments such as saunas, hot environments such as kitchens and fires and, if possible, use a room humidifier.

Analyze the work environment to detect factors that worsen the symptoms.